ingredient information
Oats Bran
Oat Bran has received considerable attention in the medical community for its role in helping reduce blood cholesterol. Nutrition experts believe that Beta glucans, the water-soluble fibers present in oat bran act as an active agent for cholesterol inhibition. Since oat bran is a food, after all, and supplies beneficial fiber to assist in regulating gastro-intestinal function as well, nutritionists also recommend increased daily intake. For a while, oat bran was touted as a miracle food, a sort of Roto-Rooter for your veins. Predictably, food manufacturers rushed to pump their breads and cereals with oat bran. In truth, oat bran is not proven to be more effective at lowering cholesterol than several other brans or, for that matter, other high-fiber foods. And the results are not as miraculous as claimed. Fiber is, however, definitely beneficial because it keeps the gastrointestinal tract in good working order (it also contains no calories).