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Marigold Extract
The pot marigold rather than the African or French marigold we are familiar with from our gardens, this plant is associated with the Sun due to its flower shape. These dried petals are a good incense for consecrating objects used for divination. Petals can also be strewn to consecrate an area. Dream pillows of calendula petals help clairvoyance through dreams. A traditional herb in Eclectic medicine for healing wounds, calendula is still used in creams and ointments (read the entry in King's American Dispensatory on Calendula). These marigold petals are a quite nice golden orange and would be pretty in soaps. This magick herb is also known as Golds, Ruddes, Mary Gowles, Marygold, Fiore d'ogni mese, and Solis Sponsa. An extract is a substance made by extracting a part of a raw material, often by using a solvent such as ethanol or water. Extracts may be sold as tinctures or in powder form. The aromatic principles of many spices, nuts, herbs, fruits, etc., and some flowers, are marketed as extracts, among the best known of true extracts being almond, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, lemon, nutmeg, orange, peppermint, pistachio, rose, spearmint, vanilla, violet, and wintergreen.