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Margarine Liquid
Margarine (pronounced /'m?rd??r?n/, /'m?rd?r?n/, or /'m?rd??ri?n/; rarely /'m?rg?ri?n/), as a generic term, can indicate any of a wide range of butter substitutes. In many parts of the world, margarine has become the best-selling table spread, although butter and olive oil also command large market shares. Margarine is an ingredient in the preparation of many other foods. Although margarine might occasionally be referred to as "butter" in informal speech, food packaging for margarine would refer to "margarine" rather than "butter." Recipes sometimes refer to margarine as oleo. Liquid is one of the principal states of matter. A liquid is a fluid that has the particles loose and can freely form a distinct surface at the boundaries of its bulk material. The surface is a free surface where the liquid is not constrained by a container