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Kiwi Juice From Concentrate
Also known as the Chinese gooseberry, this odd-looking fruit received its moniker from the flightless bird of the same name from New Zealand. It looks like a large brown egg with a covering of fine downy hair. But this rather unusual exterior hides a beautiful brilliant green flesh, spattered with tiny edible black seeds. The kiwi's flavor is elusive. Some say it's reminiscent of pineapple . . . others say strawberry . . . but all agree that it has a sweet-tart flavor unlike any other fruit. The kiwi is cultivated in both New Zealand and California. Since New Zealand's seasons are the opposite of ours, this delectable fruit is pretty much available year-round. Kiwis are a good source of vitamin C. The process of concentration consists of the physical removal of water until the product Has a soluble solid "From" concentration means the water has been added back in Source: