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Also known as Piperonal, is an aromatic aldehyde that comes as transparent crystals, Heliotropine is an extract of sassafras used for manufacturing perfumes and soaps. Heliotropine is a derivative of safrole, a naturally-occurring aromatics obtained from botanical sources such as cinamomum petrophilum and Sassafras albidum. Although safroles are known to display antibacterial and antiviral activity, their use in foods has been banned because they are carcinogenic and hepatoxic (toxic to the liver). As such, safrole derivatives are not considered nutritional phytochemicals, but some of them are being exalted for their aromatherapeutic properties. The commercial becomes increasingly controlled as it is frequently being used to manufacture designer drugs, such as ecstasy and methylenedioxyamphetamine. Heliotropine (piperonal) is an aldehyde form of piperonic acid which is one of the sharp-tasting constituents in black pepper and used as an insecticide. Sorce: