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Half And Half
Half and half refers to various beverages or liquid foods made of an equal-parts mixture of two substances, including dairy products, alcoholic beverages, and soft drinks. The United States dairy product known as half and half is a mixture of one part milk to one part cream. In the United States, half and half is a very light cream typically used in coffee. Its butterfat content is about 12.5%,[2] which makes it low-calorie and more stable in coffee. It is widely available in the United States, both in individual-serving containers and in bulk. It is also used to make ice cream. The same product is known as half cream in the United Kingdom. The term 'Half and half' (pronounced ARF N' ARF) is used in canteens on construction sites. Workers use the term frequently between themselves to describe an order selection to be served to a worker. Often there will be a choice of meal where you can select the 'half and half' combination and one need only say when ordering the term 'half and half' to convey a well understood order. Half and half is commonly understood to be a bed of half chips and half rice. A classic selection would be 'chicken curry half and half' or 'chili con carne half and half'. However, slight variations do apply. For example, 'spaghetti half and half' would be spaghetti bolognese served on a bed of chips. At Hut's Hamburgers--an Austin, TX, eatery since 1939--a "Half 'n' Half" is a half order of onion rings and a half order of french fries.