ingredient information
Groats are the hulled grains of various cereals, such as oats, wheat, barley or buckwheat. Groats from oats are a good source of avenanthramide. Groats are nutritious but hard to chew, so they are often soaked and cooked. They can be the basis of kasha, a porridge-like staple meal of Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Roasted buckwheat groats are also known as kasha or kashi, especially in the United States. Wheat groats, also known as bulgur (bulgar) are an essential ingredient of the middle eastern kitchen, including some salads like tabbouleh. Groaty pudding, also known as groaty dick, is a traditional dish from the Black Country in England. It is made from soaked groats, leeks, onions, beef, and beef stock which is baked at 150 degrees Celsius for up to 16 hours. Groaty pudding is a traditional meal on Guy Fawkes Night.