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Grapefruit Juice
This tropical citrus fruit grows in great abundance in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas. Its name comes from the fact that the grapefruit grows in grapelike clusters. There are two main categories of grapefruit-seeded and seedless. They're also broken into color classifications-white, which has a yellowish-white flesh, and pink, the flesh of which can range from pale yellow-pink to brilliant ruby red. Pink grapefruit has a higher amount of vitamin A than does the white. Grapefruit, is only 300 years old. It is believe to have been produced in Jamaica by the accidental pollination of a fruit called pomelo, and an orange. Seeds were brought to The U.S. and Florida launched an industry based on its production. The cultivation of grapefruit spread to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas where another genetic event occurred, producing the popular deeply colored Ruby Red variety.