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Gelatin Gelatin is derived from collagen, which is mainly involved with connective tissues and bones. It is known for its capability to gel and form semi-solids with its solution. The type of gelatin depends on the source of where it came from. Many of these sources include cattle bones, cattle hides, pork skins, and dried crushed bone. Cattle hides are the least used source for gelatin, while crushed bone is used mostly for photographic or pharmaceutical applications. Pork skin is the most commonly used raw source for edible gelatin in North America. The gelatin produced, Type A gelatin is extracted from the pork skin through a complex process involving acid treatment, washing, sterilization, and more. Because of the use of animal as a raw material source, gelatin should be restricted from diets concerning animal by-products. "How We Make Gelatin." Gelatin Information, News, History and More. Gelatin Manufacturers Institute of America, 2001. Web. 17 May 2011. .