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Ferric Pyrophosphate
Ferric pyrophosphate is a water-insoluble Fe compound used to fortify infant cereals and chocolate-drink powders as it causes no organoleptic changes to the food vehicle. However, it is only of low absorption in man. Recently, an innovative ferric pyrophosphate has been developed (Sunactive Fe™) based on small-particle-size ferric pyrophosphate (average size 0·3 µm) mixed with emulsifiers, so that it remains in suspension in liquid products. The aim of the present studies was to compare Fe absorption of micronised, dispersible ferric pyrophosphate (Sunactive Fe™) with that of ferrous sulfate in an infant cereal and a yoghurt drink. Two separate Fe absorption studies were made in adult women (ten women/study). Fe absorption was based on the erythrocyte incorporation of stable isotopes (57Fe and 58Fe) 14 d after the intake of labelled test meals of infant cereal (study 1) or yoghurt drink (study 2). Each test meal was fortified with 5 mg Fe as ferrous sulfate or micronised, dispersible ferric pyrophosphate. Results are presented as geometric means. There was no statistically significant difference between Fe absorption from micronised, dispersible ferric pyrophosphate- and ferrous sulfate-fortified infant cereal (3·4 and 4·1 % respectively; P=0·24) and yoghurt drink (3·9 and 4·2 % respectively; P=0·72). The results of the present studies show that micronised, dispersible ferric pyrophosphate is as well absorbed as ferrous sulfate in adults. The high relative Fe bioavailability of micronised, dispersible ferric pyrophosphate indicates the potential usefulness of this compound for food fortification.