ingredient information
Dextrates is a purified mixture of saccharides resulting from the controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of starch. It is either anhydrous or hydrated and contains between 93 and 99% of dextrose equivalent, calculated on the dried basis. It is free-flowing, porous, white, odorless, spherical granules consisting of aggregates of microcrystals. It has a sweet taste and produces a cooling sensation in the mouth. It may be directly compressed into self-binding tablets; it is used in the preparation of chewable, nonchewable, soluble, dispersible and effervescent tablets. Dextrates is freely soluble in water (1 g in 1 mL), insoluble in ethanol, and soluble in dilute acids and alkalies. It should be labeled to state whether it is anhydrous or hydrated. Dextrates are incompatible with oxidizing agents and also may react with substances containing a primary amino group at high temperatures and humidities; the Maillard reaction