ingredient information
Corn Syrup Sweeteners
Glucose [corn syrup] is made from cornstarch, a natural product with minerals and vitamins. But the original starch is converted, by means of sulphuric or hydrochloric acid, into a soluble carbohydrate that dissolves readily in solids or liquids. The strong acid destroys all the nutritional values (phospholipids, phytates of calcium and magnesium, and fractions of the vitamin B and E complexes) contained in the original starch. Arsenic residue, present in either acid, may contaminate to some degree the resulting product, which at this stage is ill smelling and dark. These objectionable qualities are removed by filtration and deodorization. The end product, glucose (or dextrose, "corn syrup," or "corn sugar"), is clear, odorless, and nearly tasteless.