ingredient information
Corn Starch Hi Maize
Hi-maize is a totally natural ingredient made from a natural maize (corn) which is rich in resistant starch and can be used to boost our daily resistant starch intake. The naturally white fine granules of Hi-maize make it invisible when added to food and drink products. Hi-maize has been developed during a 20-year natural plant breeding program and contains no genetically modified material. It has been developed and is grown in Australia and the US under contract by National Starch. Hi-maize is the natural starch extracted from the specialty corn through conventional milling procedures. When used as an ingredient in everyday supermarket items such as bread, breakfast cereals, soup, dairy desserts, noodles and pasta, Hi-maize can significantly raise the dietary fibre content of these foods. By improving the dietary fibre content of these products, Hi-maize has the potential to improve the health value of the diet, without requiring major changes in eating habits.