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Corn Protein
Gluten (corn protein) With high protein percentage for fowl and animal feed and concentrate products. Wheat proteins are collectively called "Gluten". Wheat is closely related to other cereal grains, especially rye, barley, and oats. Enthusiasm for "whole grains" to increase intake of dietary fiber, especially in the past decade, led to increased consumption of whole cereal grains. Relatively unrefined grains, often in combination, as with granola cereals and whole wheat breads fortified with bran, coarse flours, and other additives are now eaten in large quantities Gluten is a mixture of individual proteins classified in two groups, the Prolamines and the Glutelins. The prolamine, Gliadin, seems to be a major problem in celiac disease; gliadin antibodies are commonly found in the immune complexes associated with this disease