ingredient information
Corn Oil
By removing free fatty acids and phospholipids from crude corn oil, the oil refining process gives corn oil one of the qualities consumers value most: its excellent frying quality and resistance to smoking or discoloration. It also has a pleasant taste, resists developing off-flavors and offers high levels of polyunsaturated, instead of saturated fats. Studies using typical American foods have found that no vegetable oil is more effective than corn oil in lowering blood cholesterol levels. At the core of the starchy substance and toward the pointy end of the kernel is the germ. The germ contains a small amount of oil. If you cut a popcorn kernel in half, you can see the husk, starch and germ. If you cut out the tiny piece of germ and squeeze the germ, you will see the oil. the oil is odorless, has no taste, and has a high smoking-point, which makes it a good choice for frying. It is used in salad dressing, mayonnaise and some margarine. Corn oil contains very little cholesterol. It has a fatty acid content is 13% saturated, 62% polyunsaturated, and 25% monounsaturated.