ingredient information
Cheese Provolone
Provolone Dolce is mild; it's made using calf's rennet, and is aged at the most for 3 months. As one might expect it's delicate, and has a creamy milky taste. It's a fine-end-of-dinner or cheese-platter-at-a-party type cheese, and also works well as an ingredient in the kitchen. Forms of Provolone dolce are small, up to a maximum of about 12 pounds. Provolone Piccante is sharp; it's made using goat or lamb's rennet, and is aged for up to a year. It's much drier than the Dolce and sharper; though some people will serve it at the close of a meal many prefer to use it as an ingredient. Forms of Provolone piccante can reach 200 pounds (the elongate shapes).