ingredient information
Cheese Cheddar Style Soy Cheeze
Cheese analogue is a dairy cheese analogue most frequently from soy but also rice, almond, nutritional yeast as well as other non-dairy ingredients. It is available in many of the same varieties as its dairy counterpart. This product is usually consumed due to certain dietary preferences, like veganism, religious restrictions (most cheese analogues are kosher pareve, after approval of a Rabbi), lactose intolerance or milk allergy. Different brands of cheese analogues may or may not be entirely free of dairy ingredients, since many of them contain casein[1]. The following most widely known vegan cheese brands contain no casein: Cheezly[2], FYH Vegan Gourmet Cheese[3], Sheese[4], Teese[5], and Tofutti. Soy-free vegan cheeses include: Chreese and Veganrella[6](all are certified vegan and therefore 100% casein free).