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Cheese Asadero
ASADERO CHEESE or OAXACA Oaxaca is the Mexican name for this white cow's-milk, semi-soft cheese. Its name comes from the state in which it originates. It has good melting properties and becomes softly stringy when heated. It was developed in Mexico especially for cooking. "Asadero" is Spanish for "baking." It is a stretched curd cheese, kneaded then formed into a ball-shape which is plunged in brine for several minutes. It is produced in different shapes and weights, available in braids, balls or rounds. Serving Suggestions: Chili con queso - Mexico Use Asadero on tostadas or nachos for flavour and texture; add diced onion, chili peppers, olives and tomatoes. Shred for quesadillas or add cubed Asadero to tortilla soup. Make a Mexican white pizza with fresh tomato slices, shredded Asadero, sliced onion, cilantro, diced roasted chilies and grilled chicken slices.