ingredient information
Casein Protein
Casein protein is a milk protein extract recognized for its excellent amino acid profile, slow digestion, and interesting peptides (casomorphins, casokinins, casoxins, etc). Casein protein, like other protein sources, provides a rich amino acid supply to the body. Current data suggest that exercise can increase protein needs and that increased protein intakes can improve the response to exercise training. Casein protein is slowly digested and this property of casein makes it optimal for consuming during the day as a snack in the form of dairy products or as a protein shake. Since casein slowly enters the blood stream, it has a negligible impact on protein synthesis. However, casein does have a powerful effect in suppressing protein breakdown. This may promote a better protein status over time. Casein protein makes up approximately 80% of the protein in milk. The beneficial properties of casein are partly a result of the amino acid composition and partly a result of the active peptides (the unique amino acid chain configurations that make up casein). In order to prevent the denaturing (or destruction) of the interesting peptides, appropriate processing techniques are required. Since milk protein isolates contain 80% casein, often people will use the terms milk protein isolate as casein interchangeably. Source: