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The carambola is believed to have originated in Sri Lanka and the Moluccas, but it has been cultivated in southeast Asia and Malaysia for many centuries. Adaptation: The carambola is classified as subtropical because mature trees can tolerate temperatures as low as 27° F for short periods of time with little damage. Like many other subtropicals, however, young plants are more susceptible to frost and can be killed at 32° F. Carambolas can be severely damaged by flooding or prevailing hot, dry winds. The small trees make good container plants. Its fruit, the carambola, also known as star fruit and coromandel gooseberry, is a golden-yellow to green berry. When cut across it shows a 5-pointed ( sometimes 6-pointed) star shape, hence the name, "star fruit." Star fruits are crunchy, and have a slightly tart, acidic, sweet taste, reminiscent of pineapples and oranges. Its seeds are small and brown. There are two varieties of starfruits: the acidulate one and the sweet one.