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Calf Liver
Mammal, bird and fish livers are commonly eaten as food by humans. Livers from calf, chicken, and goose are widely available in supermarkets. Liver can be baked, boiled, broiled, fried or eaten raw (liver sashimi). The most widespread liver dish is liver and onions. In many preparations pieces of liver are combined with pieces of meat or kidneys, like in mixed grill or in Meurav Yerushalmi. Liver is also often made into spreads; well-known examples include liver pâté, foie gras, chopped liver, and leverpostej. Liver sausages such as Braunschweiger and liverwurst are also a valued meal; liver sausages may also be used as spreads. Animal livers are rich in iron and Vitamin A, and cod liver oil is commonly used as a dietary supplement. Traditionally some fish livers were valued as food, especially the stingray liver. It was used to prepare delicacies such as "poached skate liver on toast" in England, as well as the "beignets de foie de raie" and "foie de raie en croute" in French cuisine.[