ingredient information
Bornyl Acetate
ynonym Borneol acetate CAS No. 76-49-3 M.W. 196.29 Odor Description Pine, Camphoraceous, Herbal, Balsamic Occurrence in Nature Found in many oils distilled from leaves of plants belonging to the family pinaceae, like Siberian pine needle oil and oil of Abies alba. Application Information Heart of pine note. It's suggested for use in household fragrances, but also in chypres, fougeres, and lavender colognes. Typical Use Level: Up to 10% Stability Substantivity Hypochlorite Bleach Poor Skin Poor Perborate Powder Detergent Fair Dry Fabric Poor Liquid Detergent Good Wet Fabric Poor Concentrated Fabric Softeners Good Hair Poor Soaps Good Tenacity on Blotter > 4 Hours Alcoholic Fine Fragrances Good Diffusivity Fairly diffusive Toiletry Applications Good Antiperspirants Good Typical Physical Properties Sp. Gr. (20/20) 0.984-0.990 Flash Point oC 90oC closed cup [a]20D -25o to -10o GC MIN 85% as Isobornyl and Bornyl acetates Appearance Colorless liquid CLogP 4.045 FEMA/GRAS No. 2159