ingredient information
Black Iron Oxide
Iron oxides have been one of the most commonly used coloring agents for cosmetics for a long time. People have used iron oxides in natural minerals not only for cosmetics but also for religious ceremonies and skin protection. Manufacturing iron oxides as a coloring agent for cosmetics began around 1900. Iron oxides have various colors which are classified into three major color groups: the yellow iron oxide (yellow), colcothar (red), black iron oxide (black). These iron oxides are fine powders with a slight unique odor. The following table shows the details of the chemical ingredients of each group. (Attention: each group, especially black iron oxide, does not consist of a single component but instead is a mixture.) Source: It can be souble dyes for drinks etc, and insoluble salts for tablet coating system. Besides this, there are the following inorganic oxides that go in as food colors. 1> Titanium, Dioxide for White, and as Opacifier. 2> Red Iron Oxide. 3> Yellow Iron Oxide. 4> Black Iron Oxide. The organic colors named above and the inorganic oxides are mixed to form a very nice color formulation system for tablet coating. I have designed a very good tablet coating formulation and correction system, and put to use. Source: