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Berries Hawthorn Dried
Perparations are derived from the flowers, leaves or berries of a thorny shrub native to Europe. Hawthorn contains procyanidins and other flavoniods, which provide important antioxidant functions in the body. Leaf and flower extracts have been shown to reduce blood pressure and increase blood flow to the heart by dilating the coronary artery. Hawthorn also helps stablize collagen, the protein found in abundance in body joints and connective tissue. Source: Drying is a method of food preservation that works by removing water from the food, which prevents the growth of microorganisms and decay. Drying food using the sun and wind to prevent spoilage has been known since ancient times. Water is usually removed by evaporation (air drying, sun drying, smoking or wind drying) but, in the case of freeze-drying, food is first frozen and then water is removed by sublimation. Bacteria and micro-organisms within the food and from the air need the water in the food to grow. Drying effectively prevents them from surviving in the food. It also creates a hard outer-layer, helping to stop micro-organisms from entering the food.