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Beans Native American
Native Americans had technology for growing beans that was admired and adopted by the Pilgrims. They planted beans between cornrows, training the vines to grow up the tall corn stalks to reach the sun. Succotash is a Native American dish authentically made from corn and kidney beans. (Now lima beans are often used.) In parts of the world, the method of growing beans between rows of corn is still used Bean originally meant the seed of the broad bean, but was later broadened to include members of the genus Phaseolus such as the common bean or haricot and the runner bean and the related genus Vigna. The term is now applied in a general way to many other related plants such as soybeans, peas, lentils, vetches and lupins. Some raw beans, for example kidney beans, contain harmful toxins which need to be removed, usually by various methods of soaking and cooking. The soaking water from kidney beans should be discarded before boiling, and some authorities recommend changing the water during cooking as well. Cooking beans in a crockpot, because of the lower temperatures used, does not destroy toxins even though the beans do not smell or taste 'bad'. Beans have been known to produce prodigious quantities of intestinal gas in some people; resulting in farts of incredible stench and duration.