ingredient information
Barley Malt Sweetened Chocolate
If barley is wetted in a container or on a special floor and stirred to keep oxygen levels high it will germinate. This produces high levels of alpha amylase which converts the starch to sugar. This process is called malting and the product is malt. This is an ancient process for producing a sugary solution for making cheap beverages such as whisky and beers. After malting barley can be used in two ways. It can be dried and sold as dried malt. Often with a high temperature treatment that caramelises some of the sugar to give a pleasant-tasting flavouring also known as 'malt'. This may be extracted with water to give a 'malt extract'. Dark beers are made from malt which has been heated so much it has almost burned black, hence the dark colour. After malting the grains do not just contain sugar. Before heating they also contain a lot of alpha amylase. This enzyme can convert still more starch to sugar U.S. standards require that unsweetened chocolate contain between 50 and 58 percent cocoa butter. The addition of sugar, lecithin and vanilla (or vanillin) creates, depending on the amount of sugar added, bittersweet, semisweet or sweet chocolate. Bittersweet chocolate must contain at least 35 percent chocolate liquor; semisweet and sweet can contain from 15 to 35 percent.