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Au Jus Concentrate
The rich, natural flavor of freshly roasted beef, real pan drippings, beef stock and just the right amount of seasonings combine to make this distinctive Au Jus. Use as a rub, marinade or baste to bring out real beef flavor. Top off prime rib, French dips and beef roasts with rich beef flavor. Great for marinades, stews and seasoning ground beef. Makes an easy baste and is a unique ingredient for salad dressings. Just stir into boiling water for the easiest and most flavorful Au Jus you can make. – A concentrate is a form of substance which has had the majority of its base component, or solvent, removed. Typically this will be the removal of water from a solution or suspension such as the removal of water from fruit juice. The benefit of producing a concentrate is that of a reduction in weight for transportation as the concentrate can be re-constituted at the time of usage