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Arachidonic Acid ARA
Arachidonic (Acid ARA) is an important fatty acid of breast-milk contributing to the healthy development of children. Formulas fortified with ARA may lower the incidence of common illnesses and diarrhea during the first year of life, and may reduce the risk of skin and respiratory allergic diseases in childhood. Although studies have shown that formulas fortified with ARA are beneficial, many assert that manufactured versions of ARA may not be as effective as those in breast-milk. Parents must make well informed choices in order to select the right formula, however, breastfeeding is always suggested. Reference 1. Foiles AM, et al. Formula with long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids reduces incidence of allergy in early childhood. Pediatr Allergy Immunol. 2015. doi: 10.1111/pai.12515 2. Lapillonne A, Pastor N, Zhuang W, Scalabrin DM. Infants fed formula with added long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids have reduced incidence of respiratory illnesses and diarrhea during the first year of life. BMC Pediatr. 2014;2(14)168. doi: 10.1186/1471-2431-14-16 3. Kent G. Regulating fatty acids in infant formula: critical assessment of U.S. policies and practices.Int Breastfeed J. 2014; 9:2