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Anti Caking Agents
Anticaking agents keep powders such as milk powder, tea, coffee, sugar salt etc. flowing freely, rather then sticking together in lumps. For example Magnesium carbonate is used in icing sugar. They prevent agglomeration of powdered solids and allows them to remain free flowing. The list of such agents include starch, magnesium carbonate and silica. There are other products like non dairy creamers and toppings like parmesan cheese that need to flow freely but coagulate in their natural form. Anticaking agents are used to prevent this. Some of the natural anticaking agents are talc and bentonite and others are manufactured, like silicon dioxide, calcium silicate and sodium aluminosilicate. There action is a physical one and not chemical. They are generally harmless with a flat bland taste. Many anti-caking agents are natural products such as Anticaking agents are physical rather than chemical agents and as such are bland and harmless.