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Aluminum Sulfate
ALUMINUM SULFATE, is a high neutralizing powder leavening agent used in bakery, is slow for reacting in the dough mixing and preparing cycles, even though, it reacts quickly in the oven cycle, ALUMINUM SULFATE is also used to dye and to print fibers, in the preparation of inks, lacquers, paper, vegetal gum, cement, porcelain, explosives, cement, tannery, water purification, in sugar mills, and also as Ammonia synthesis catalyst. a common leavening agent. a colorless-to-gray, rhombohedral crystalline substance that occurs in nature as the mineral mascagnite. It is soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol or liquid ammonia. It is prepared commercially by passing ammonia , obtained from destructive distillation of coal, into sulfuric acid and is used as a fertilizer , in preparing other ammonium compounds, and for fireproofing.