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Chromium Aspartate
Chromium enhances the effect of insulin, and is believed to help reduce blood glucose levels. It is widely thought to be useful to people suffering from Type 2 (adult onset) diabetes by helping to avoid glycation (side effects of excess glucose), which damages proteins in the body. Chromium appears to work by being incorporated into glucose tolerance factor (GTF). GTF strengthens the action of insulin at the cellular level. The U.S. Department of Agriculture believes that most adults in the U.S. suffer from Chromium deficiency. Furthermore, levels of Chromium in the body appear to decline with age, suggesting a strong need for supplements. Chromium is often given in the form of Chromium Picolinate, but studies suggest that this form of Chromium can cause chromosome damage in high doses. Chromium Aspartate is an alternative that has not been found to cause such side effects.