Celiac Disease | Keith Olbermann

Celiac Disease | Keith Olbermann

We have noticed that there seems to be some interest in knowing what celebrities have Celiac Disease.   So, as always, we came across a reporter who ended up deciding to do some research on the topic.

Based upon research that has been done, it’s hard to locate any A-list or B-list celebrities who suffer from Celiac Disease, but there are some C-list and D-list celebrities, as well as a number of celebrities who use the gluten free diet as a way to control their weight.

First, the celebrities that have been confirmed to have Celiac Disease:

* Keith Olbermann (Countdown with Keith Olbermann)
* Elizabeth Hasselback (The View)
* Heidi Collins (CNN anchor)
* Jane Swift (Mass. Lieutenant Governor)
* Katherine, Duchess of Kent
* Susie Essman (Curb Your Enthusiasm)
* Rich Gannon’s (NFL Quarterback) daughter, Danielle
* Joe C (Kid Rock’s Friend and Rapper)
* Mickey Redmon (former pro hockey player, does hockey commentary for Fox Sports Detroit)
* Sarah Vowell
* Jennifer Esposito
* Thom Hartmann, (Air America Radio)

Celebrities Who Have Been Tied to the Gluten Free Diet (possibly for dietary reasons)

* Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice)
* Sarah Vowell (Comedian, Spokesperson, voice of Violet from the movie Incredibles)
* Terence Stamp (actor Star Wars Episode 1)
* Lady Antonia Frasier (noted author of historical novels)
* Amanda Donohoe (actress LA Law)
* Dannii Minogue (pop star/actress/model )
* Dr. Phil’s wife (Robin)
* Goldie Hawn (actress)
* Juliette Lewis (actress)

Source: Celiac Disease.Com