found some very positive information today to share with our community. We find so much bad news out there, that we’re always happy to call your attention to positive, natural manners to improve your health and well being.

It appears that researchers may have actually proven the old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” … or more specifically the cardiologist. A new study focusing on healthy people in middle age has shown that in four short weeks, just one apple each day lowered the levels of a the “bad cholesterol (LDL) that is linked to arterial disease by 40%. That’s not a drop in the bucket.

The study was conducted at Ohio State University. The researchers noted that when LDL cholesterol oxidizes the form it takes begins arterial disease. They found a remarkable result. With the consumption of one apple each day for the four week period, it seemed to prevent LDL oxidation. The researchers had previously studied the effects of other antioxidants on lowering LDL and found that, in fact, apples were much more effective.

The study included non-smokers between 40 and 60 years of age who ate apples less than twice per month and were not taking polyphenol supplements. 16 ate a large apple (either Red or Golden Delicious), 17 took polyphenol supplements (this is the antioxidant found in apples) and 18 took a placebo. The polyphenol supplement contained the same amount of the antioxidant found in one large apple.

While the group taking the supplements did in fact experience a considerable and positive effect, it was not as significant as those consuming the whole fruit. Researchers are unsure if this occurred because there are other properties of the apple that play a role, or if the polyphenol is absorbed better by the body when consumed in the actual food.

In addition to the apple’s positive effect on LDL cholesterol, it was also discovered that it might also affect saliva. There’s research to be done on this as it may hold positive implications for our dental health as well.

This is a summary of the information. To read more, go to: is always happy to call your attention to healthy, natural ways we can improve our health and well being. While the information in the new research will certainly need further study, we know one apple every day is a simple – and tasty — addition to our diets.