and those in our community were very disappointed by the defeat of Proposition 37 in the California elections last week. But we are happy to report tonight that it’s becoming more and more obvious that the fight is not over yet and there are folks taking action against popular products that contain genetically modified ingredients.

Last week a complaint was filed by Sonya Bolerjack against Pepperidge Farm that states that the company has “mistakenly or misleadingly represented that its Cheddar Goldfish crackers are “Natural” when in fact, they are not, because they contain geneticially modified organisms in the form of soy and/or soy derivatives.” The plaintiff went further, stating that “genetically modified soy products contain genes and/or DNA that would not normally be in them, and are, thus, not natural.”

This is a $5 Million dollar class action lawsuit. The plaintiff is claiming that she never would have bought the product if she had been aware that it contained genetically modified ingredients. She went further to explain that she took the products labeling as truth. The front of the Goldfish cracker package reads “Natural” in rather bold display. She is, therefore saying that the labeling and advertising is false and/or misleading and because of that, she did not get what she paid for.

While lawsuits like this will become more and more common, is fairly certain that the food industry is feeling comfortable that the issue will fade with the election. We know for sure, in fact, that Illinois, Alaska, North Carolina, Iowa, Maryland, New York, Oregon, Washington, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Vermont, Tennessee, Hawaii, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, Michigan and New Hampshire have all introduced bills that would require the labeling of GMOs. Additionally, in the last few years, lawsuits have been filed against other companies including Frito-Lay regarding product labeling for genetically modified ingredients. thinks that lawsuits like those filed by Sony Bolerjack make a lot of sense. She’s right, she didn’t get the product she thought she paid for. Check it out for yourself right here: And she spent money for a product repeatedly that was misrepresented as “natural” when many of the basic ingredients aren’t. Millions of food consumers take food companies at their word … or “at their labeling” and are often shocked to discover they’ve been misled. Why wouldn’t she want her money back? feels strongly that consumers everywhere need to make their voices heard, just like the plaintiff in this lawsuit. If we can speak loudly enough, they’ll hear us over the big money that put down Proposition 37 in the state of California and hear us in court cases like the one we’ve highlighted hear all over the country.

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