Beech-Nut_ProductFamily_03.21.141.jpgWhat a concept! Beech-Nut has introduced baby food whose only ingredients are the actual foods. Has to make you wonder what took them so long. Now babies can enjoy honey crisp apples, butternut squash, beets, pears & pomegranate, pineapple with pears and avocados and a whole host of other real foods. Of course, for parents and caregivers who aren’t “purists”, the “classic” Beech-Nut baby food is still available. Those foods are in the jars with the longer ingredient lists.

After years of decline in the baby food category, Beech-Nut Nutrition realized that moms trusted food they prepared in their own kitchens more than the “watered down” and “processed” food they were getting from leading brands. To address those concerns the company recently launched a completely new line of 100% natural products inspired by the creativity of millennial moms.

Beech-nut says they talked to moms and consistently found they were saying, “Homemade is the best that I can do for my baby. I may not know how but that would be the gold standard.” A spokesperson commented, “Increasingly we were seeing a lot of things online and a lot of other data points. When we started connecting the dots we saw a plethora of books at a Barnes and Noble on how to make your own baby food at home. You saw baby blogs and a lot of other support online for mom to make her own baby food. It came down to moms feeling that the category was watery, runny, it wasn’t real food. So they were choosing to help solve it; that being moms meant taking three hours out of their week or an hour out of their day to make their own baby food. We sat with those moms and asked them why they are doing this. It really came down to the control: “I want to know what’s in my baby’s food. A lot of the stuff I see on the shelves has things in there I either don’t know what they are or I don’t put it in when I make it at home, so I don’t want to feed that to my baby.”

Before we say anything else, really does think this is a great step for a mainstream baby food manufacturer. But really, it’s 2014. This thought just occurred to them? Beech-nut just now realized that more and more moms are making their own baby food? They’ve only just found nutrition blogs, new mom blogs and blogs about healthy cooking for your family? None of these are new. And, frankly, they’ve been popular for years. The trend away from mainstream baby food brands has been growing steadily for quite a while now. There are even infomercial products that help moms make their own baby foods. It’s sad that it took declining sales to get the company to take a look around take note.

The tag line on the Beech-Nut website for the new products reads “Because everyone deserves real food. Especially babies.” Welcome to the 21st century, Beech-Nut. We can only hope that your mainstream counterparts find their way here at some point as well.