found some good news for diabetics today that might not simply help them control their blood sugar levels, but might also lessen their risk of heart attacks and stroke.
A study released this week found that daily consumption of legumes can result in a reduction of blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. Beans and lentils can help type 2 diabetics with all of this.

The research showed that when a diet including one cup of legumes daily had a better affect than a diet rich in whole grains. Participants were placed on a diet that included this one cup serving each day for three months. It was estimated that their ten-year risk of cardiovascular disease fell a little over 1% at the end of that period.

The 121 participants in the study all had diabetes.  They were split into groups.  One group increased their consumption of legumes by at least a cup per day.  The others followed a diet which included an increase in whole grain products designed to increase their fiber consumption.

At the end of the study period, those people on the “bean diet” experienced a larger drop in their hemoglobin A l c levels than those on the whole-grain diet.  It is important to note that health regulators in the U.S. do consumer a change of .3 or .4% to be “therapeutically relevant.”

In addition, those on the whole-grain diet did not experience a reduction in their blood pressure levels, while those consuming increased amounts of legumes saw a definite difference.

Legumes are a healthy source of protein.  There are so many varieties and so many different ways to include them in your diet. encourages our community to share this important information with the diabetics in your life, and, perhaps try it yourself, even if you aren’t diabetic.  While further study needs to be done, it certainly couldn’t hurt to include more legumes in your meals!

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