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  • Brain foods to boost memory and productivity


    Food is fuel. It greatly contributes to our overall health. When it comes to mental strength, food incredibly contributes to acuity, memory and ability to focus, which ultimately leads to optimal productivity and performance.

    Combined with regular exercise and right amount of sleep, a nourishing diet has the potential to improve your mental health and function. FoodFacts.com shares a list of foods for families who are transitioning from the carefree summer mood to yet another hectic and demanding school year.


    Eating breakfast regularly – and the right foods at that – helps improve your mood and memory, and jumpstarts the energy boost you’ll need all day. Eggs make for a quality breakfast food as it contains choline, which enhances memory and reaction time.


    Blueberries help stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain, which essentially keeps the mind fresh, and boost memory and concentration.


    Glucose is important for your brain activity. It gives the brain the energy it needs. Bananas provides precisely the amount of the glucose fix that your brain needs – about 25 grams.

    Green tea

    Add memory and productivity boost to the already long list of health benefits that green tea offers. Green tea contains l’theanine, which increases tranquility and releases the caffeine found in green tea slowly. Green tea helps you to be more alert and focused, as well as helps you improve your speed and accuracy.

    Salmon and fatty fish

    Fish has been proven to help enhance mood and concentration. Those that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon are great for aiding memory, mental sharpness and behavioral function.


    Just as the body needs to be constantly hydrated, so does the brain. According to Water Benefits Health, water “gives the brain the electrical energy for all brain functions, including thought and memory processes.”