Foodfacts Baby Guide Donation Program

Dear Foodfacts Community,

There is a childhood obesity epidemic, and you can help us fight it by participating in the Foodfacts Baby Book Donation Program.

he dietary habits formed in childhood have measurable, long-term and critical impacts on health as an adult, and the overall health of a family and community. By giving parents the information they need to understand proper nutrition and choose the right meals for their families, we can address larger health crises such as childhood obesity, attention disorders and other epidemics that are directly linked to diet.

Our goal is to provide a free Foodfacts Baby Nutrition Guide to low-income families and pregnant women, teaching them how to identify nutritious foods and avoid the products that can lead to obesity, ADD/ADHD and other problems. Would you help us reduce obesity, hyperactivity and other diet-related problems in communities across America?

Problems like childhood obesity are serious and widespread, which is why we need help from our communities, and foodfacts users like you. By sponsoring a book donation, you can provide families the guidance they need to make better choices in the grocery aisle, and have better health and a higher quality of life as a result.

Will you help us combat childhood obesity with a donation?

For corporate donations, when you contribute to our Book Donation Program, your company’s name and logo will be placed inside each book sent out on your behalf. We will also place your company’s name and logo on our donor page on, a website that receives over 15,000 visitors per day, and we’ll thank your company on our Facebook page, which boasts over 70,000 members. Our website’s users are the conscientious consumers that care about food ingredients and nutritional content, and we know they will appreciate companies that share their values!

If you would like more information on how to make a donation, please fill out the form below (as always, we respect your privacy and protect your information).  Thank you for your time in considering this request; we look forward to working with your company to reduce diet-related health problems in our families and communities.


Sarah Butterfield
Managing Director

Thank you for your interest in our Foodfacts Baby Guide Donation Program!

We are very excited for this chance to bring critical nutritional information to the parents and families who need it the most.  Please fill out the following form, and a team member will respond to your request.

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