What are nutrition and health professionals saying about the baby book?

In a time when food choices are so numerous and food marketing remains confusing and misleading to many, the “BABY Nutrition, Allergen and Score Guide” from FoodFacts.com provides parents a simple, straightforward way to make safer and more healthful choices to nourish their families.
  -Heather A Jeney, MD, http://drjeney.com/the-integrative-approach/

I find the nutrition guide quite helpful as I'm sure many families will too.
  - Katy Carter, MS, RD, CSP, LD, Pediatric Dietitian

Absolutely love the overview of the different brands out there - very helpful! [...] Overall impression: easy to navigate and use!
  -Christina Santini, The Nutrition Doctor, http://www.christinasantini.com/

This invaluable resource, "Foodfacts BABY Nutrition, Allergen and Score Guide," inspired by a nutrition-conscious Grandfather, has done the extensive research for busy moms and dads regarding healthy food choices for infants or babies.  This complete, easy to read, large print Guide for tired, sleep-deprived eyes, will be on the top of my referral list. Particularly in this day and age with food sources so compromised, high levels of allergies, this is one book to include in your library.
  - Judith Elaine Halek, www.BirthBalance.com

In today's markets we deal with many industries that lack proper regulation. As a new dad and a health and fitness professional it is nice to see FOODFACTS.com keeping the big companies honest and the consumer well informed.
  - Michael Kelly, Owner Extreme Personal Training, Extreme PT Online

The Foodfacts BABY Nutrition, Allergen, & Score Guide is well written and filled with important nutrition information that should be at hands reach for every parent, especially new ones.  Suggestions of how to prepare your own baby food from basic healthful ingredients is a sure way to stimulate growth. Food Facts gives sufficient mention to food allergies and intolerances that can help prevent serious responses.

The nutrition score guide show which baby formulas, infant, and child foods have unwanted additives and with grades it is easy to know which to select.

This Handbook should be in every Pediatricians office as well as Hospital  Maternity take home gifts. The essential knowledge provided will make a  difference in how children thrive. I wish we had this BABY Nutrition handbook 30 years ago when our children were babies.
 - Dr. Frank G. Conroe, Doctor and father of two.

"I was very impressed by how thorough the baby nutrition guide was at finding all the products that have hidden ingredients that we all tend to buy for our babies and children.  It was an easy way to guide me to the right choices!"
-Stephanie Chang, ACE certified instructor and Baby Boot Camp franchise owner