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Healthy Energy | is wondering: how often have you asked yourself this question? I wish that I could feel full of energy but do not know how to achieve this. I wish I could once again feel good inside. Well, continue to read on and we will show you how you can make this happen.

Why do we need nutrition

Do you like hamburgers? Be honest with yourself. You do.

Whenever you go out for a ride in the car the chances are very high that sooner or later you will pass by a drive in burger or take way place. You are really tempted to stop, buy and consume.

If someone were sitting next to you in the car and suggested that you eat an apple instead, what would your reply to the person be? Allow us to make a suggestion. You would probably say that you need more than an apple to keep your hunger pain at bay. Or that the apple would not fill you as much as a beef burger.

Well, you you are wrong. Place half an apple and a burger on your kitchen counter for 24 hours. The apple turns brown and starts to break down. What happens to the beef burger? Nothing. But health-wise there is a big difference. The apple contains enzymes, the burger does not. So, the apple would be better for you to eat.

Whenever we cook, can, freeze, process or alter our food in any way, we kill active enzymes in that food. Ask yourself this question. How much food do I consume each and every day that is cooked, frozen or processed foods? Well, most of our meals are cooked. Most of the nutrients and vitamins are lost in this process. Turn your attention to what you buy when out shopping. Do you, like so many others, buy ready prepared and frozen foods? Or do you buy lots of processed foods, including cheese and diary items?

Eating “enzyme-free food” can lead to an after lunch lull in our energy. You know the symptoms. Perhaps you will be starting to feel drowsy and sleepy, usually accompanied by that bloated feeling. You feel you need more energy. To get more energy, you usually make a coffee with sugar. Or you might buy a sugary energy drink. You might also buy a bar of chocolate. Any nutritionist will tell you that all that will happen is a quick boast of energy, followed by yet another lull. How can you break this cycle of energy followed by a dramatic dip?

It’s really simple. Make sure your diet is supplemented by enzymes. Enzymes are the catalysts which allow us to break down foods into absorbable nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Once these nutrients are liberated, enzymes again play a vital role in escorting them to your body’s cells and tissue. Without proper enzyme supplement, nutrients are useless to our bodies. By taking enzyme supplements, the body receives the necessary nutrition it needs for optimal health.

Modern living has brought about our lack of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in our foods. They are most important to keep maximum energy and optimal health. If you take all of your daily vitamins, minerals and enzymes, you will be amazed at how you will experience more energy and better health.

We are what we eat and drink. In order to perform at their maximum capacity, our bodies need the right intake of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. We all want to have full lives and to feel, look good and be our best. Good health is the key to a long and healthy life. To keep on that road to a long and healthy life we need to make changes now.

Image:   Energy Fiend