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In the recent past, has devoted blog posts to the growing concerns surrounding energy drinks and how they affect our health. There have been concerning reports linking energy drink consumption to deaths and hospitalizations. And those reports have been … Continue reading

Posted in Cardiovascular disease, energy drinks, high blood pressure | Tagged , , , , , , , | Leave a comment has done more than a few blog posts recently regarding the dangers inherent in energy drinks. Many of the energy drinks being marketed today are labeled as dietary supplements, not beverages. Because of this, the requirements for their labeling … Continue reading

Posted in caffeine, energy drinks, Guarana, Guarana Seed, Monster Energy, Taurine | Tagged , , , , , , | Leave a comment aims to educate consumers on different ingredients, products, and health-related conditions. As previously mentioned in our blogs, food companies have been using more creative marketing strategies to drive teenagers and younger children to purchase their products. A major trend … Continue reading

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In yesterday’s blog post, we provided an overview of the entire issue of energy drinks and their perceived benefits and disadvantages. Here at, we have been wondering: what happens when energy drinks are combined with alcohol?

Posted in health | Tagged | Leave a comment cautions consumers to be aware that, since the early 1990’s, energy drinks and alcohol pop drinks (alcopops) have proliferated and become a permanent fixture in our culture.

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It looks like some corporate crisis public relations is needed right now for the wildly popular Red Bull energy drink. According to news reports, including the Associated Press, six German states have told retailers to stop selling Red Bull Cola … Continue reading

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