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Ways to improve kid’s nutrition

Kid's Nutrition

Kid's Nutrition

Topics and news related to childhood obesity continue to be a flash point for parental discussion. We feel pressure to create a healthier diet for children, mostly because we really want to do what is best for the kids.  But at the same time, we live hurried lifestyles and are time crunched. Nutritionist Kelly Satola, founder of Stellar Nutrition, recently provided a writer a quick number of tips for moms to improve their kids’ nutrition.
The criteria was simple: they needed to be easy, fast, tolerable for picky kids, and most importantly, not overwhelming.

According to Kelly, “My best friend’s three-year-old son was just diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes. It was in talking with her about his diet and nutrition needs that I realized how far off the nutrition-mark children’s diets have gotten. Instead of being scary, restrictive and different, there is a “diabetic diet” that is actually a model of good nutrition for most kids and adults too! So let’s get back to basics.”

Here are two quick tips.

Tip #1: Switch to whole grain. including with bread, bagels, tortillas, pitas, waffles and pasta at home and while eating out. These foods have more natural nutrients like fiber, B vitamins and iron than their white, enriched counterparts. Make sure the package and ingredient labels indicate “whole” to receive the full benefit. Don’t be fooled by products simply labeled “wheat” or by the terms “7 grain” or “stone ground,” which might not be “whole grain,” either.

Tip #2: Eliminate soda out of kids’ diets. The sugar, caffeine and acids in soda are ingredients that a body can do without, and in excess could cause harm to teeth, bones, quality sleep and a healthy weight. Fruit drinks, punches, energy drinks, lemonades and sweet teas are other sources of excess sugar that can harm teeth and weight. Encourage drinking water for thirst.

Source:  Examiner.Com


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