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Possibly, a natural solution for improved dental health

Many people in our community are very enthusiastic about coconut oil. The health benefits of coconuts have been coming to light in the last few years. A few of those benefits include thyroid support, heart health support, improving metabolism and helping your skin stay healthy, to name a few.

Today we read about a new benefit that has slipped under the radar until now. Coconut oil is a natural product you can use to improve your dental health. It appears that the coconut and most especially its oil, is a powerful destroyer of microbes that can be harmful to our health.

The Athlone Institute of Technology’s Bioscience Research Institute tested the effectiveness of coconut oil against oral bacteria. The human mouth commonly contains some strains of streptococcus bacteria. The researchers tested coconut oil against bacteria both in its natural and semi-digested state. In order to do this they added enzymes to the coconut oil to replicate the semi-digested condition.

The research team had analyzed other, past research that had demonstrated that there are other types of food, that when partially digested could, in fact, destroy bacteria. Certain bacterias bind to tooth enamel and that binding had been significantly reduced when the teeth were exposed to enzyme-modified foods like milk.

The team set out to see how coconut oil would interact with streptococcus bacteria. Their findings have shown that digested coconut oil does have an effect on oral bacteria and the yeast that causes thrush.

This is an exciting finding as it may hold future advancements for oral health care. It’s mentioned by the researchers that with the growing problem of antibiotic resistance in the population, we’ll need to be looking towards new and natural ways of fighting infections.

People are already trying coconut oil out as a mouth wash because of this information. In a process termed as oil pulling, people are using coconut oil to “pull” food, debris and bacteria out of their teeth. Oil pulling seems to be a time-tested method for oral cleansing and now folks are using coconut oil. It’s working better for them than others they have previously tried. invites you to check out the following links to see how you can incorporate coconut oil into your dental cleansing routines. It’s all natural, has only one ingredient (itself) and could help you promote your improved health overall.


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