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Real developments in the fight against GMOs and how YOU can get involved!

Last month, posted a blog focused on a study from France that suggested a link between GMO corn and cancer in rats. Since that time, many different organizations have tried to debunk the study, while others have come to its defense. It seems, however, that the study itself has raised tremendous concerns around the world from countries who commonly import corn from the United States.

It appears that a few weeks back, the Russian government has suspended all imports and the use of GMO corn in products in their country.

In addition to this sizeable statement from Russia, the French government has asked all European authorities to follow suit and take whatever steps are needed to protect the population. They are currently considering an emergency suspension of all imports of genetically modified corn to the entire European Union.

This would certainly be a blow to the United States economy (which is already fairly stressed at this juncture). While every nation in the European Union already requires labeling of foods containing GMOs, and many of these countries have banned the planting of GM crops, Europe is still an importer of genetically engineered corn. There has been some information that actually indicates that our own government has been discussing some form of retaliation against Europe to use genetically modified seeds and suspending corn imports. This would signify the American governments intent to engage in a pretty hostile trade war against the nations involved in these bans and suspensions.

The United States is currently the major political and agricultural force behind genetically modified foods. While this is undisputable, it’s also true that 91% of our population supports GMO labeling and that more than half would choose non-GMO foods if they are able to see them clearly stated on labels. GMO manufacturers like Monsanto are vehemently opposed to this labeling fearing that consumers would sink a ship that they’ve built, marketed and profited from.

This election day, Proposition 37 is on the California ballot. It states simply that manufacturers will be required to label GMOs on any product on grocery store shelves in their state. It is understood that the act of passing this proposition in California will lead to other similar propositions nationwide. The biotech industry is spending many millions of dollars to fight the proposition. It isn’t working though – recent polls in California show that over two thirds of the population in the Golden State intend to vote to pass Proposition 37.

This isn’t simply California’s fight, though. It’s an issue that affects every American consumer – and, obviously based on Russia and the European Union’s response to the recent study linking GMOs to cancer, consumers around the world as well. The Food Revolution Network has partnered with Care2, the Institute with Responsible Technology and other organizations has put together a national petition aimed at the Congress of the United States to act and mandate effective labeling of GMO foods. The petition makes it clear to lawmakers that their responsibility is to stand with the consumers they represent and not the interests of industry. is putting this in front of our community so that you can get involved and make a difference in this tremendous issue facing our population, our government, and populations around the world.

You can find out more about the petition here AND sign it: And you can read more about the entire issue here:

Stay informed. Stay active. Make a difference.


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