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How To Stay Active At A Sedentary Work Place

Exercise |

Exercise |

On our quest to reach our fitness goals one of the biggest obstacles in our path can be our jobs. It can be difficult to make time out of our busy work day for a little bit of gym time. Even when we work hard and find time to get to the gym, the next morning we just return to our sedentary work self. Fitness and sports are our passion but we all can’t be professional athletes. Even most Olympic athletes have to keep a full time job to support their lifestyles. So how can we stay fit if we are working a sedentary job for 8 hours a day? The Blog found some tips to keeping your body and muscles active during a typical sedentary work day.

Before you even get in the door

Something as simple as parking far away from your office can start your day off right. Between hitting the snooze and getting ready for work there is not much time to work with. Allowing yourself to get in a short walk in before work can not only help you stay active it can also help you wake up and stay alert for the day.

Avoid the Elevator

We all know taking the stairs is an excellent method to fitting a little bit of physical activity into your work day. Taking the stairs in and out of the building helps promote healthy blood flow and increases your body`s metabolism.

Make the most out of lunch

Packing your own lunch in the morning not only help you avoid the dreaded fast food but can also cut down on the time you need to eat lunch. Be productive with your extra time and go for a brisk walk or head up and down the stairs. Even if you’re an elite athlete, a good walk during the work day is a lot better than slouching in your office chair waiting for five o clock.

Sit up Straight

We all heard it from our parents, sitting up straight at work can make all the difference. Slouching in a chair all day long leaves your weak and unused. Sitting with good posture works as a great way to incorporate your abdominals into your work day. Also simple abdominal exercises can be done right at your desk. Something as easy as lifting your legs off the floor and holding it using your abs can do wonders for avoiding staying sedentary at work.

Work Hard and See Results

Going to the gym is great but you can lose the gains you’ve made in the evening at the gym in one sedentary work day. Stay active at work and it can make a world of difference in your physical fitness and energy levels.

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