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High Cost of Food Allergy

High Cost of Food Allergy |

High Cost of Food Allergy |

Aside from the additional costs that families dealing with food allergies have to incur, another financial challenge comes in the form of opportunity loss. More often than not, half of what would ordinarily be a two-income household will have to give up his or her career in order to closely monitor a child suffering from dangerous allergies – or at the very least to cut back on working hours.

Dr. Tamara Perry, a researcher at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute, shares: “The loss of income and the additional costs associated with food allergies can have a significant financial impact.” has encountered an article posted on that raises some interesting and serious issues about the financial impact of dealing with food allergies.

While it may not be easy to manage all these challenges, there are steps that can be done. First, there needs to be a clear diagnosis on the allergy, in order to do away with unnecessary or unplanned expenses. While this in itself is a challenge and can be rather costly, it may have benefits in the long term. Parents are encouraged to get in touch with such advocacy groups as the Food Allergy Initiative and the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network for information on research into food allergies and intolerances.

Once a clear diagnosis has been made then it will be easier to plan one’s grocery list. Since specialty foods for people with allergies are usually more expensive, comparing prices and buying in bulk can lead to savings.

There are numerous resources available that are helpful in determining foods to avoid due to food allergies., for example, continues to be a strong and reliable source of hidden food ingredient information, empowering consumers to make intelligent and healthy food choices.

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