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Nutrition and Obesity

Nutrition and Obesity |

Nutrition and Obesity | Blog continuing editorial research about obesity points to two factors affecting obesity in adults, children and adolescents – nutrition (quality and quantity) and activity (quality and quantity). Children and adolescents who eat more calories than they use will especially get fat and then obese. However, that does not mean that the quality of their nutrition of their activity is lacking; yet it does reflect on the quantity.

We read about one case involving an adult who was a very fat and then obese child and adolescent – progressing from 200 pounds in 4th grade to over 450 in high school. The quality of her nourishment was excellent. She always had delicious food, and there was very little junk food. Apparently the quality of her life was sufficient – she was active, well adjusted and well educated.

The amount of nutrients was her choice – she ate a lot and often because shelved to eat and because she was not bothered about being overweight and then obese. Meanwhile, her parents and siblings were average sized. She was reasonably active although, as she grew larger, she certainly was not as athletic or agile as others and did not want to be at her weight.

This relates to just one individual’s experience.

Do you have nutrition and obesity stories to share? Questions to ask? would like to hear from you.


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