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Sunflower kernel recall impacts Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bars & Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars

General Mills announced today a voluntary national recall of four specific flavors of Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bars and Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars. The recall is being issued as part of sunflower kernel supplier SunOpta’s ongoing national recall for the potential presence of Listeria monocytogenes. General Mills has not received any direct consumer reports of confirmed illnesses related to this supplier issue.The four flavors of Nature Valley bars that are part of the recall were distributed to retail establishments throughout the United States.  Consumers are asked to check their pantries and dispose of the products affected by this recall, regardless of when they were purchased or what date is on the package. Consumers who have had to discard products covered by this recall may contact General Mills Consumer Relations at 1-866-896-4365 for a replacement.This recall only affects four flavors of Nature Valley’s nearly 40 different products. Nature Valley’s other products are not affected by this recall. “We know this is inconvenient for consumers who love these four flavors,” said Anton Vincent, President of General Mills Snacks Division.   “We promise they will return as soon as it is safe to do so.” Other General Mills products that use sunflower kernels have not…

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Know your ingredients with All My Food Facts app: Goya Dry White Cooking Wine

Cooking with white wine does a lot of good to your dishes. It brings balance and acidity to your favorite recipes. Dry white wine is versatile and the most commonly used type of wine for cooking. The rich oakiness of dry white turns bitter during the cooking process, contrary to the unwanted caramelized sweetness that other white wines bring. Alcohol content in dry white wine evaporates while cooking, thus extracting its flavor profile that gets added to your dishes. recently put together a cookout menu made up of healthy dishes for Father’s Day, which you are most welcome to prepare at any given grilling session this summer; and we suggested to forgo the usual red meats and fire up a sweet soy salmon recipe for the main dish instead. For this recipe, we recommended Goya Dry White Cooking Wine as one of the ingredients, and for good reason. Take a look at what we found using the All My FoodFacts app! Note: The product information shown above is only a general overview of Goya Dry White Cooking Wine. Sign up on our website for personalized specifications on which products are good for you and which you should avoid based on your…

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