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Whole Foods Market store in California issues consumer advisory on kimchi products due to undeclared food allergens

Announcement Whole Foods Market is issuing an advisory to customers who purchased Spicy Kimchi, White Kimchi, Kimchi Fried Rice and Kimchi Guacamole from one of its Los Angeles-area stores because the items contained fish, shellfish or tree nuts (pine nuts) that were not listed on product labels. All potentially affected products have been removed from store shelves, and the company is recalling the items out of an abundance of caution.  People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to tree nuts, fish or shellfish run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products. Included in this advisory are the following items, which were offered at the company’s 365 by Whole Foods Market store in Silver Lake between May 25 and May 27: Spicy Kimchi offered at the salad bar (undeclared fish/shellfish) Kimchi Fried Rice offered on the hot food bar (undeclared tree nuts) White Kimchi offered at the salad bar (undeclared tree nuts) Kimchi Guacamole offered in one-pound pre-packaged clear plastic containers with lids, item number 20185700000 and sell-by dates of May 29 to May 31 (undeclared fish/shellfish) The missing allergens were discovered in-house by an employee. No illnesses have been reported to date. Customer…

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Memorial Day: Detoxing after the weekend

Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer in the United States, and it jump-starts the season’s numerous backyard and rooftop parties. After this weekend’s indulgences, shares a list of detox foods that you can easily get from the produce section of your local grocery or from this season’s numerous farmers’ markets. Fibrous fruits Fruits that are rich in fiber will help you cleanse your stomach and get your digestive system back on regular programming. Some high-fiber fruits include grapefruit, berries, pears, avocado and cantaloupe. Beets Beets are a great detox food! They are excellent in helping the liver and gall bladder break toxins down, and are highly fibrous, which makes digestion and discharging waste matter easier. Green tea Green tea is loaded in antioxidants, such as catechins. This type of antioxidant enhances liver function, which as mentioned above, is essential in getting rid of toxins. Green tea is also an energizing drink; its caffeine gives a diuretic effect that flushes excess sodium out. At the same time, it is also a great rehydration aid! Lemons Lemons are superfoods that releases enzymes that stimulate digestion. It is also rich in vitamin C that turns toxins water-soluble, making it…

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