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Monthly Archives: November 2012 learned about the results of a new study today that focuses on High-Fructose Corn Syrup. We keep thinking about those “corn sugar” commercials. They claim that sugar is sugar and your body doesn’t know the difference between regular cane … Continue reading

Posted in diabetes, high fructose corn syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), Type 2 Diabetes | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment has a very clear memory of the first time we ever heard of Chia. It was on television commercials advertising a unique novelty plant called a Chia Pet. It took off right away … and was spun off into … Continue reading

Posted in antioxidants, Chia, Chia Seeds, Fiber, health, health effects, healthy eating, Omega 3 fatty acids, Protein, Superfoods | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment learned about some interesting research that’s being planned right now that can ultimately give us a better understanding of how different fruits can actually improve heart and vascular health in our population. The University of Warwick is teaming up … Continue reading

Posted in fruit, heart disease, heart health | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment read with interest today some new research findings linking a gene that’s considered a genetic component for the risk of obesity to a reduced risk of depression. We remember hearing terms like “fat but happy,” “jolly and fat,” and … Continue reading

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Day after day we learn more about how misleading food labels continue to dupe consumers with keywords and bold statements that feed into people’s dietary needs and weight loss goals. This doesn’t mean all food labels are lying because plenty … Continue reading

Posted in eating, food labeling, heart health, label reading, labeling, Light, Low Fat, nutrition facts label, nutrition labeling, tran fats, trans fat, Uncategorized, Whole Grain, whole wheat | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment wanted to share this research information with our community regarding the reoccurrence of colon cancer and a possible link to eating a diet high in carbs. There’s been plenty of back and forth opinion in the last few years … Continue reading

Posted in Cancer, cancers, Colon Cancer, Colorectal cancer, diet, High-carb diet, Low-carb diet | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment found some helpful information today regarding Omega-3s and postpartum depression. A new study out of the University of Montreal has shown a possible link between levels of Omega-3s and this debilitating depression that occurs after giving birth in some … Continue reading

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Last month, shared information with our community regarding Monster Energy Drinks and their dangers. Today, we’re bringing you expanded information on the dangers of energy drinks. Over the last four years, 13 deaths have been reported that implicate 5-Hour … Continue reading

Posted in 5-Hour Energy, caffeine, energy, energy drinks, MISLEADING LABELS, Monster Energy | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment and those in our community were very disappointed by the defeat of Proposition 37 in the California elections last week. But we are happy to report tonight that it’s becoming more and more obvious that the fight is not … Continue reading

Posted in Genetically Modified food, genetically modified foods, genetically modified organisms, Genetically Modified Soy, GMO, GMO'S, Goldfish | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment read an interesting new study today that we wanted to make sure to share with you. This long-term research has actually linked aspartame to blood cancers in humans. Cancers like leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple myeloma are all blood-related … Continue reading

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